The Foundation
of our concrete audio
speaker project

The trade name LAUTBRECHER is an allegory to a friendship that has been in existence for over two decades. It has grown and solidified as fully cured concrete. We got to know each other as kids, growing up in a small town near Mönchengladbach (Germany). One day we watched the James Bond movie “You only live twice” and we were fascinated by Blofeld’s space station, which was built inside a volcano. Full of enthusiasm we decided to recreate that volcano space station. At the time, we knew little about water ratios and the principles of reinforcement – the result was a solid 20kg heavy lump of plaster.

Some 20 years later, we are an engineer and a graphic designer sharing a flat in Düsseldorf. One evening over a beer in November 2016 we decided again to build something, this time, a concrete audio speaker. Over the following year we researched and built many prototypes until we reached a small series of minimalistic concrete speakers and LAUTBRECHER was born. The name translates to something like “loud crusher” and is similar to the German word for loudspeaker.


“As a youngster I had a job as a DJ and used my own setup on gigs. From time to time parts broke and had to be replaced. I did the repair work myself and got to know the elements of speaker building. I never lost the joy for music and have built many different sets of speakers over the years. I studied Materials Science, which really helps when it comes to working on new concrete formulas.”

concrete speakers Betonlautsprecher concrete speaker Beton Lautsprecher
concrete speakers Betonlautsprecher concrete speaker Beton Lautsprecher


“Back in the day, when we were practicing with our band I was already more into the idea of designing an album cover than making music. After the band split up, I focused on my graphical talent and studied communicational design. At LAUTBRECHER I can embed all my passion for product and corporate designs.”

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