Co-axial speakers contain several drivers that are aligned along only one axis

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Concrete Speakers CL–03: ROHLING 

A pair of Co-axial speakers contains several drivers that are aligned along only one axis. In the case of the CL-03 LAUTBRECHER, a high frequency tweeter is integrated in the centre of a low frequency woofer. This arrangement allows a wide and linear frequency range of the speaker system and at the same time also achieves a perfect spatial depiction.
The CL-03 LAUTBRECHER is designed for monitoring and music applications.



A rigid speaker box that does not vibrate is ideal, concrete is a perfect material for that and in fact gives a great advantage. A speaker box should only reproduce sound given by its source and it should only be the speaker components’ membrane that vibrates.



As it is sourced from close to a single point, LAUTBRECHER speakers allow for perfect spatial depiction.



The concrete speakers can be used for both a capturing music experience in stereo mode (two speakers) as well as for vivid sound landscapes in home theatre applications (five or more speakers). The speakers are compatible with any common audio amplifier.


Technical data

 Frequency range (-3dB): 65-25,000Hz
 Power handling: 70W RMS, 120W Music
 Impedance: 4Ω
 Sound pressure (2,83V/1m): 83dB
 Dimensions: (HxWxD): 268x155x172mm
Weight: 8kg (per speaker)