Highend Speaker Systems

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Our speaker housings are all handcrafted using concrete. The moulds are cleverly designed to form the specially developed concrete formula into precise shape, without losing the attractive natural surface finish.

Unique features, such as the triangle shaped bass reflex air vents and the LAUTBRECHER logo are also integrated into the cast resulting in a solid structure.

Doesn’t a highend speakers have to be made out of wood so that they can oscillate?

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LAUTBRECHER test audio boxen concrete speaker Betonlautsprecher startup

No, the reverse is true! A rigid speaker box that does not vibrate is ideal, concrete is a perfect material for that and in fact gives a great advantage. A Highend Speaker should only reproduce sound given by its source and it should only be the speaker components’ membrane that vibrates. This is contrary to musical instruments, which generate and amplify tones due to the vibration of their bodies.

The quality of a LAUTBRECHER highend speaker begins with the cast concrete housing and carries through to the inside. High quality speaker drivers and carefully selected crossover components ensure the highest conceivable level of sound experience.

All fur coat and no knickers??

Is it a Cyclops? Why just one visible driver?

In order to experience music as vividly as possible and to create depth by positioning various instruments as if being played on a live stage, it’s important that all tones travel the same distance from the speaker to the listener. This is not possible in ordinary multi-way speaker systems, as the drivers for high and low frequencies are usually spaced apart and one above the other. Our speakers on the other hand, use coaxial and broadband technologies, resulting in sound sourced from close to a single point. This produces a very realistic scene.

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